Powell 2014

Powell 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Take IT BACK!!!!!

A long time member of the family has parted ways with us due to it's injured feelings at being replaced.  That's right, we replace those that we find have reached the extent of their usefulness around here. Allow me to elaborate, many years ago as a young man I discovered the new edition to the Toyota line up in the Tacoma and I determined that based on our families history with said auto maker (rewind a few more years to the indestructible little yota that Dad was notorious for going airborne in on the irrigation route) I would one day have one.  Well happily that day came just one month shy of 9 years ago and many times I swore that I would never sell said blessed rig.  Jump ahead 9 years and 4 kids without a good seat for even one of them it became obvious that the cost of retaining my sentimental connection to my truck had worn out it's welcome.

So like the bull calf in spring being separated from its family jewels with a rusty pocket knife I no longer am the truck owning transplant from rural America living in the big city.  In fact the Honda Fit that replaced it may be the furthest thing there is to a truck.  And so my heart echos Lucy's wails as I rolled into the driveway the other day with the Fit. "TAKE IT BACK. TAKE IT BACK!!!"

I lived a lot of life with this truck around!
Adding salt to the wound I was called away to a work meeting last night as the potential buyer came to look at it and in wise fashion take it home.  So it was that looking out the window this morning it didn't even seem real that it was gone.  Again my heart echoed the wise words of another of our children James announcing as they left with the truck "that rude guy cowboy took Dad's truck!" as I understand then the tears ensued.      

On the plus side the Fit meets my economical needs if not my emotional ones which despite it's decided lack of elevation does appeal to the practicality born of my rural upbringing.  In other words if I can't have a truck I might as well focus on pinching pennies.  two days after purchasing the Fit I took a nearly 2,000 mile trip to the northern tip of my working territory and saved roughly $150 in gas alone. Along the way I was pleased to see a vast array of wildlife including a fox, a family of racoons, a wolf (dead in the back of a truck), several pronghorns, hundreds of whitetail deer, a handful of mule deer and two herds of elk the last being an estimated 150 plus.  In addition to those delights I also saw for the first time wild big horn sheep, ironically that occurred minutes after I mentioned to Andrea that it would be cool to see some as I had never done so.  Of course when I saw them I had to pull over and take a picture.
No big rams but still incredible.

So despite the lack of elevation from the drivers seat it seem that being disguised in a tree hugging fuel sipping Fit throws the animals off and they don't know to hide from me.  I could be on to something here! I'm thinking bull elk, will it fit?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nearly Snipin' Time

Slight Disclaimer; this was created in late September and in typical fashion I fell of the face of the writing/blogging planet for a time.  That being said please enjoy!  :)

This week started off with a bang!  I took the ole critter gitter to the range and checked her for reliability and what have ya.  The results are most agreeable.

I took two shots, the first at another target to make sure I was on then this one to confirm.  That's good enough for this fella!

Beyond that this week also resulted in the delivery of a pair of binoculars that have been anticipated for years as it is the first pair that I have ever owned that could be considered even decent.  I was delighted to find them at a heavily discounted price on the interwebs and with reviews touting that they rival the very popular Vortex Viper I took the plunge.  As their first real field test is rapidly approaching I may soon have more to say on the subject.  For now just feast you non magnified eyes on these beauts!
Note that I have taken the time to familiarize them with their prey!
Jump ahead to November 17th.  I do in fact have high praise for the new lenses!  With them I was able to spot a heard of high altitude Elkies across a vast mountain valley and the following morning an arduous hike let me to the doorstep of a nice heard of wapiti.  I watched the herd from a mere 30 yards retreat in to the distant aspens, while there was a beautiful mature 6 point bull, without the required spike to affix my tag too I simply sat and enjoyed the experience.  The down side to the whole adventure was that just prior to locating the heard I miscalculated my footing in a lava field and aggressively applied my substantial size into kneeing the point of a rather unforgiving bolder.  (In huntin' speak, I fell and smashed the dickens out of my right knee!)  The result was after a 3 plus mile hike back to the truck my bend-ability was severely hampered and as it was the predetermined day to embark for home, we packed it in and my snipin' ended with no more than a hole in a paper elk.
Forgive the quality as I was fully zoomed on the phone, but as the heard and I parted ways I snapped a shot at the bull.  He is slightly left of dead center and heading away.

So as you are certainly concerned about me (because if you aren't you have some splanin' to do as to why you are even reading this!) I am happy to report that 6 weeks later I am almost ready to say there was no lasting damage.  I'm still on the mend but feeling optimistic with nearly all articulation having returned and the pain receding, I'm planning on being 100% by next October so I can try again.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Look I'm doing it!

Well one more week gone and I've stayed true to my non committed commitment!  All please pause and acknowledge me.
An on that extremely pretentious note let me offer you some insight into our week. In an effort to establish continuity between last week and this Scott, Stirling Smith and I planned an early morning boating trip for the fellas to get at least one last ski in before the season expires.  With an early start and only three of us we all surfed and skied and Scott and I wake-boarded, all in roughly 3 hours. Not a bad way to start the week. Also of interest to my sniping nature I was delighted to spot a fair sized elk heard on the way to the lake, several deer at the lake and a nice young bull moose on the way home.

The following day I had a short one night work trip to San Diego and when required to sing "leaving on a Jet Plane" to James he decided that I in fact needed to take two of his race cars to "California" too.  He was so determined that I decided to make a big deal of it.

Anxiously awaiting their first flight

Ahhh a window seat

Enjoying the view from the hotel
Ready for bed
 As James was thoroughly delighted with the first one I just kept it up. :)

Unfortunately for me I missed Will's game this week and the two goals he scored.  I was there for Lucy's game and the great effort she put in on a scorcher of a day.  She didn't score this week but did get a great stop at goalie and was generally doing a great job.

To finish off the week I was able to get together with a few of my old roomies from the single days at "Freekie Dee's" to reminisce and catch up.  It was a strange experience to revisit as it was 11 years ago that we would go there every Monday morning around or after 12:01 am.
The stalwarts!

Speaking of days past, I need to report on a recent celebration of the 10 year anniversary of our marriage and the adventure that Andrea and I embarked upon to commemorate the birthday of our little family. I think that my next entry will expound upon the journey and the joy.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What a Slacker!!

Do not judge excessively I am still sniffing diapers!  It is my expression of self in type that is witness to slackeresque tumble from the face of the earth. :) In case you hadn't noticed.

I make not resolute promises yet I feel to reengage myself in recording, on a relatively regular basis, the events of our little Denzer clan.

Don't you dare hope for too much because I'm bound to let you down in one way or another, but here starts an attempt at a new leaf of summarizing our life.  As the time has been vast since I last attended to the workings of this project I may do some reflecting as well as updating on current events, considering that I am thinking aloud (so to speak) we shall see.  With a very busy summer behind us there is much to recount but for this week we were delighted to launch the "Honey Badger" and play on the water for a few hours yesterday as the weather was obliging and the water only slightly unpleasant. :)
The Honey Badger still floats, 4 seasons in the books!
It did seem a bit crazy to be towing a boat through the changing fall colors in the mountains all the while trying to convince ourselves that the water would be fine.  It really wasn't all that bad, certainly worth the trip.

Also not to be forgotten is the ever present soccer that infiltrated three days of each week this season.  Both Lucy and Will are playing on teams that we really like and they are having fun.  It sure makes for a busy Saturday when we start with a soccer game and then go boating not to mention the lovely pack of exhausted kiddos locked in the rig for the hour plus ride home.

RUN LUCY!!! I feel like I yell that a lot at these events.
Long and happy days are these!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Will Says:

12/31/13 "You have a split on your bum."
12/1/13 "Dad, your bum wiggles.  Didn't anyone tell you that before?"
11/28/13 "Football cannot be dangerous for me. I learned it in South America. Some people drove me there one day."
10/13/13 "Dad, you know what you are talking about, and I know what you are talking about!"
10/3/13 "I know I'm not still a baby, I just grew this big. And one time I learned how to walk!"
9/17/13 "Mom, our cat is enjoying my hands."
9/1/13 (after telling him that I didn't know when Jesus would come) "But mom, I'm ready for Jesus to come now!"
8/24/13 "Dad, no one ever can believe how cool I am."
 8/6/13 "Mom, I have green witchy poo!  Because I saw a witch yesterday."
7/28/13 "Look, those are gorgeous squirrels." 
6/30/13 "When I have a smile coming up, my heart gives loves to myself."
6/21/13 Will: "Cameron hit me." Dad: "Where did he hit you?" Will: "In the love." Dad: "Where is your love?" Will (pointing to his heart) "Here."
 6/16/13 Will: "I want a houseboat." Dad: "They cost a lot of money."  Will: "We have a lot of money."  Dad: Not enough money."  Will: "Make more money!"
5/15/13 "I'm looking at this baby because he's so cute." 
5/8/13 "This is the cutest baby I ever saw.  We're going to keep him forever.  He has the right mom and dad."
5/5/13 "Shut IT DOWN!"
4/30/13 "This is the yummiest lick I ever licked."
4/13/13 "Mom, will you still be a girl after the baby comes?"
4/5/13 "Diarrhea is my favorite kind of poo."
3/26/13 "When I grow up, I want to chop stuff up.  That's super cool."
3/2/13 (singing) "And I have a dinosaur, and I ant to share my life with him."
2/17/13 Lucy: "Will, you should just wash your face." Will: "I can just wash my face with my tongue.  See!"
2/6/13 "Dad, why do dinosaurs have little thinkers?"
2/2/13 Pointing at Lucy: "That's my mermaid."
2/2/13 "Mom, did you know that I used to be funny?"
1/14/13 "I really want a yummy treat, like some bees."
1/14/13 "I just don't know what I'm saying."
1/12/13 When told we were going to the U basketball game "But I need to practice!"
12/8/12 "Jesus said I could have candy."
12/4/12 "I'm going to go find that sneaky cat.  I'm a detector."
11/30/12 "I care about you cows."
11/26/12 "Mom, when the baby comes out, we can play aliens together."
11/24/12 "Are we having Santa food?"
11/14/12 "Dad, if I drink a lot of milk, I'm going to go milk pee."
11/7/12 "Mom, Jesus said there would be no witches at Easter."
11/3/12 "Mom, is the sun beautiful and cool?"
10/29/12 "You don't say "pretty please" you say "cool please."
10/10/12 "When I grow up I'm going to hunt like you and shoot an elk like you and hang it on the wall like you and not eat it." (He thinks the antlers are the whole elk)
9/26/12 "I want to marry a transformer."
9/21/12 "I want to keep coloring so my dad will be proud at to me."
9/12/12 (Listening to Andrea's heart) "Does your heart have a song?"
9/11/12 "Chicken is my favorite color."
8/26/12 "I need some piracy (privacy)."
8/26/12 "Mom, my eyes keep turning on, off, on, off."
8/23/12 "There's poo in the light! Not dog poo, chicken poo."
8/8/12 "Mom do babies have vaginas?"
7/6/12 "Mom, don't give up."
6/5/12 "My Lucy brother said please at to you."
5/29/12 "Lucy, your clock says time for swimming."
5/15/12 "Your face tastes like strawberries and pineapples."
4/29/12 "What are your boobies for? Mine are for washing."
4/13/12 "Mom you get a real arm"
3/4/12 "Moooom, Lucy scared my bum."
3/1/12"Let that suck valentines go!!" (valentines sucker)
2/6/12 Holding up a strawberry... "It's not taste like apple pie, tastes like candy."
1/15/12 "Go sleep my truck, go sleep my fire truck station, go sleep my dump truck, go sleep my little dump truck, go sleep my roller skate, go sleep my Lightning McQueen, go sleep my Thomas, go sleep my outer space, go sleep everybody else."
1/14/12 "Hey! Get me outa here Luce"
12/11 "Words says robot movie"
12/11 "Silly Kids" directed at us not "kids"
12/11 "What that"
11/9/11 Every time we are in the car and Will realizes we are getting close to home it starts... "Not this way, that way" and worst of all "NO! not our house"
11/2/11 "My Daddy home"
11/1/11 "Mommy gimmy hug"
8/22/11 "I see"
8/22/11 Okay Dad
EAW-WA!! This is his angry word it may be a derivative of ever as in don't ever.
Hun = Mom
Te-tot-ta = Helicopter
Beebee = Blankie
Shu sho = Lucy
Sta = Star
Memo = Elmo
Baba = Bye bye
Hiee = Hi
Bebe = Baby
Tat = Cat
Boo boo = Poo poo
Dod = Dog
Sis = Fish
Dooce = Juice
Baaa = Ball
Shuzz = Shoes
Dut = Duck
Didda = Digger
TUT = Truck
Hubbas = Bubbles

Wisdom of the Learned Lucy

6/22/13 "What if blueberries were pink?  Like pigs and roses."
4/18/13 "You know that's like a fairy tale but instead it's a Jesus tale." 
12/13/12 "Mom, I think I have a case of the toots."
12/14/12 "I'm in love with butter."
10/16/12 "Do you wish you would have named me Candy?  Because my lips are so candy-licious."
9/24/12 "I have the chicken bumps."
9/16/12 "Don't leave me up here with two little kids."
8/27/12 "Happy birthday woman!"
8/22/12 "My toe is all jacked up because my band aid was on wrong. See all jacked up!"
7/10/12 "Will, those are moles on mommy's face...not owies. When you get really old, you get moles all over your face and arms and all over your body. Except your private parts!"
7/2/12 "Mom, I didn't even know I was coming to this world."
7/2/12 "Mom, my eyes are alergic to wind."
6/18/12 "Mom were you around with the dinosaurs? What were they like?"
5/20/12 "My favorite thing about my body is my tongue"
5/16/12 "How does Mom and Dad know everything about the world?"
5/14/12 "There is too much Will around"
4/21/12 "This wind feels like sugar"
4/17/12 "Mom I know all about stuff. All about the world. Like how inside trees there is sap, and if you stick your bum in too far or your hand or face in too far, you'll get stuck forever"
4/5/12 "Daddy you know what? I can talk secretly in my head!! (Me) "Oh yeah what do you say? L "Things I want to come out of my mouth"
4/4/12 "I love Hunchback of motor games it's my favorite movie"
3/25/12 "Mom, Will is screaming my whole body apart."
3/6/12 "I'm right you're wrong"
1/29/12 "You should tell Dad that ears are expensive"
1/28/12 Me: Don't you even care? "I do care, about what I want"
1/23/12 "I'm not a lady, I'm a woman"
1/13/12 "Please Mom! I've Dreamed my WHOLE life of going to a real restaurant."
1/6/12 "My bum needed some air"
1/4/12 "No William, you're too naked for me"
12/22/11 "Mom, Daddy put my favorite brother in a box"
12/5/11 "I have no idea why I love princesses so much"
12/3/11 " I don't know how this has happened but the back of my panties are all wet"
11/28/11 "I want to spit this dinner out of my life"
11/26/11 "I don't like that smell that's coming out of your mouth"
11/21/11 "I'm in your eye and you're in my eye. That means we love each other"
11/17/11 "This present keeps embarrassing my life"
11/13/11 "How is my poo, is it beautiful, does it have princesses on it"?
11/9/11 "don't forget to tell Mommy, because some-times I forget everything I say"
11/7/11 "I don't want to sing tonight, because my bum hurts"
11/1/11 "Daddy, why is all the boys gonna want to marry me when I grow up"?
10/28/11 "you're supposed to be in the kitchen...I'm hungry"
8/29/11 "Daddy you look like a fun toy".
8/22/11 "When I get old I will look very different, like you dad"
8/11/11 "I said sorry, in my head, come closer and you can hear".
6/24/2011 "My face is getting happier and happier, look at it".
06/03/2011 "I had a dream a dog and a cat got married"
06/02/2011 "Sometimes I lick my runnies"
05/03/11 "Will stand in the corner for 97 years"
5/02/11 As I am fixing our porch I hear through the sliding door. "Dad don't break our house"
4/13/11 "Duck means stop, and shark means go"
04/13/11 "8:45!!!"
04/03/11 "Daddy get me money, I really love money"
03/29/11 "You're a naughty little scamp"
03/14/11 "Rain Forest Cafe, proud sponsor of Curious George, reminding you that we can make the world a brighter place by conserving our natural resources. When you save one can, you save Toucan!"
03/13/11 "Good thinking"
03/06/11 "Okay we can make french toast, you get the toast I'll get the french... what's french?"
03/01/11 "Daddy, you kinda smell gross"
02/28/11 "My racoon wouldn't listen to me"
02/26/11 "Don't look Daddy, close your eyes for like a hour"
02/19/11 "You are not a guy, you are my dad"
02/07/11 "Mommy I had to pee in a bowl!"

02/02/11 "Did you cut you whiskers off?" "Yes is it better?" "Not really!"
01/15/11 "Daddys' not very good at making dinner"
01/07/11 "Your face is in my way"
12/28/10 "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way Old McDonald is to ride in a one horse open sleigh"
12/27/10 "Not again"
12/24/10 "Mary rode a zebra to Bethlehem"
12/17/10 "I told Santa I wanted a Beauty, not christmas, Beauty and the Beast movie"
12/12/10 "Usualy angles say Hallelujah!!"
12/07/10 "You better hurry or we will have family home evening without you"
12/5/10 "Yessireee"
12/5/10 "you hate this freeking gate don't you?"
12/4/10 "I know, we should get princess toilet paper!"
"Will used a FORK today!"
"You're a mean old lady"
"Girl you just got DISSED!!"
"OK close your eyes, 1-2-3, ok now you can see"
"I really want to marry my brother"
"You smell like burritos!"
"Daddy you're our hero... and Jesus is our Savior!"
" I didn't eat my apple sauce, I didn't like it, then I realized apple sauce is for breakfast"
"You look distinguished"
Lucy calls all of us sweetie lately. "OH Sweetie" "Over here Sweetie" "OH little Sweetie"
"Arrrrr, Quack, Ahhhahhhhahhhhhh" = Bathroom business is done.
"You are the best Daddy I've ever seen in the whole world"
"Sometimes duckies eat people"
I shouldn't admit this but the other day I released an audible and Lucy muttered under her breath "body language" This is particularly notable due to the fact that as Andrea and I laughed over it latter we concluded that she made this connection after hearing the phrase in The Little Mermaid.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


A quick look at the time stamp would reveal that I ought not be blogging at the moment but I thought I'd jot down a few words before I shut down my window to the electronic world. 

Why am I feeling the need to publish my thoughts?  It may be that I just finished the movie 42 (just made it to Red Box therefore being a parent I can watch it form the economic safety of home) and found it to be a thrilling account of strength and courage.  Possibly that feeling of gratitude for greatness allowed a bit of reflection as I wrapped up the house with the usual late walk through I checked on the sleeping kiddos.  This has become a favorite task for me as I feel so close to the little monkeys when I hover over them like a creepy monster from their nightmares and admire their resting perfection.  Kids really are at their best when they sleep!  Why do I ramble so?  I just saw quite clearly that my little girl is not so little and felt quite pointedly that as time accelerates she will be further from little and these times will be behind us.  My point is possibly lost in that my now muddled mind is searching for the importance of this post.  I believe that I mean simply to say that I love this being a Daddy ting and I know that I will look back in the not too distant future and miss it terribly.
Just look at them!
This picture was taken today as I had the oldest three out practicing their soccer skills.  We apparently lost our minds and signed up Lucy and Will for rec. league soccer.  I don't know how it will turn out (except the trophy that signifies nothing) but today it was worth it, so bring it on.  It's a great day to be a dad!